Music teaching with recycled materials
About Lesson

For making a tambourine stick, you need:

  • to have a walk in the park and find a thick Y (uai) shaped piece of a tree branch, like a sling. Then take
  • 8 metal bottle cups,
  • a 3 mm nail,
  • a hammer,
  • a wire (you can cut a part of a wire hanger, using the pliers) and
  • you’ll also need colorful strings for decorating.

Make the holes into the bottle cups using the nail and the hammer. Next, using the pliers, wrap one end of the wire around one side of the Y-sharped branch. Slide in your bottle caps in pairs, facing each other. Then, using the pliers, wrap the end of the wire around the other side of the Y-shaped branch and cut off any excess wire piece (if any).

To decorate your tambourine stick, you can put some ribbons or strings around the branch.