Music teaching with recycled materials
About Lesson

I’m gonna make a simple, yet very loved percussion instrument with multiple use. This drum can easily become a guiro and a shaker, in the same time.

I’ll use

  • a big tin can,
  • a balloon,
  • some tape,
  • rice and
  • drum sticks.

I’m also gonna need:

  • scissors
  • hot glue.

After washing, drying and removing the labels from the can, I’ll put some rice inside. Then I’m gonna cut the balloon and stretch it over the tin can’s opening.

Add tape to the seam of the balloon to help seal it in place and for decoration.

You can also paint your drumsticks. I use some non-toxic water paints.

So, now that you have your instrument and the sticks, you can play the drum, the shaker or the guiro. Have fun!