Music teaching with recycled materials
About Lesson

My name is Sorina. I’m gonna try to bring the rain today with the help of a great percussion instrument. For this rain stick or rainmaker you will need a lot of patience and a few things to prepare, like:

  • a solid cardboard tube,
  • lots of nails,
  • a hammer,
  • hot glue,
  • a piece of a cardboard box,
  • rice or small stones,
  • rice paper,
  • adhesive varnish,
  • brush,
  • strings,
  • beads,
  • feathers 

Take the cardboard tube (you really need a sturdy one). It must be durable enough to withstand several punctures from nails. This is the structure of your rain stick.

Hammer the nails through the tube -you’ll need around 100 (one hundred) nails for 1 meter of tube. Select nails that are a little shorter than the tube’s diameter. After this, cap one end of the tube. You can make your own end caps from a cardboard box, if the tube didn’t come with caps. You can glue it. Just wait for a few minutes and allow the glue to dry. Then, put the stones into the tube. Glue the other end cap. You can use rice paper or strings to decorate your instrument. Just rip the rice paper in small pieces and stick them using the brush and the adhesive varnish. You can use many colors and models of paper. Let it dry. Then decorate it with string, beads and feathers at one end of the tube. And a ribbon to the other end. Your instrument is ready. Let’s hear the rain!

You can also decorate it with colorful strings and a little felt for the ends of the tube. Just cut 2 circles from a piece of felt and fix them with the string. The way you decide to decorate you tube doesn’t affect the sound of the rain stick, so use your imagination. You can use just some markers, if you are in a hurry.

Thank you for watching. Bye-bye.