Music teaching with recycled materials
About Lesson

I’ll show you how to make your own hand drum. The materials I’ll need are:

  • a round container (for example from duct tape),
  • a wooden stick (one from Chinese food can work ),
  • a pricker,
  • scissors,
  • decorative tape,
  • 2 balloons,
  • ribbon or string,
  • wooden or plastic beads (make sure the string is a good size to go through the beads and then tie a secure knot),
  • and you’ll also need glue (I usually use hot glue, because is non-toxic and it dries faster than any other glue).

Start making the hand drum by punching 3 holes into the ring. You can do the big one with the scissors and the other two with the pricker. Put the stick into the large hole and secure it with hot glue. Put the strings through the small holes and secure them with knots on the inside and the outside.

Cut off the neck of your balloons. Pull your balloons over the openings on both sides of the ring. It needs to be pulled completely flat – no bunching in the middle, no gaps around the edges, or it won’t hold. Secure it in place with a strip of pretty tape.

Add your beads, knot them secure, and trim, making sure that the string reaches easily the middle of the drum. Repeat on the other side. That’s it! There you have your homemade hand drum. Enjoy it!