Music teaching with recycled materials
About Lesson

I’ll show you how to make at home a cabasa. I have to say it’s very challenging, but the result is amazing. So, if you are up to this, you’ll need a few things and patience:

  • A small tin can,
  • a super thick cardboard tube or a plastic one,
  • string,
  • hot glue,
  • scissors,
  • Christmas tree beads,
  • ribbon,
  • 2 cup holders (I found these nice records imitation),
  • a cutter,
  • felt and
  • a pencil.

You start by cutting the Christmas tree beads and tie the ends together. It has to be a little loose around the can. Then you can cut the felt round. Should be a little bigger than the can. You need 2 pieces. Use the pencil, it’s easier. You continue with cutting one piece of felt and one cup holder around the cardboard, making a hole. Glue them together. Push the cardboard through the middle. This is gonna be your handle. Put the breads around the tin can. Glue the other piece of felt and cup holder together, then to the end of the can. Decorate de cardboard with ribbons.