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Module 1: The Trace of Primitive Music in History
From a musical point of view, this historical observation will focus on the parallel level of folk musical traditions and how they evolved in the course and evolution of man and human societies. Oral folk music continues to play a crucial role in human musical expression in most of global humanity. Under certain conditions we can consider that this kind of music, as we know it today, is the end of a colorful thread that unfolds in the depths of the past. Even if in some cases some parts of this thread have been cut, in a general observation we realize that there is a clear temporal and historical continuity.
Module 2: The Music of the New Place
In this second section we will observe the phenomenon of the mass movement of a social group to a different place, without this being combined with the element of conquest that we analyzed in the first section. It is obvious that the continents of America and Australia were left in a state of isolation due to the enormous distance that the sea border separated them from the rest of the world. But what about the other three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa, which did communicate through sea and mostly land?
Module 3: Music Trade
Usually we have the image that in the old days people did not move. Or at best that they moved little and in very close distances. Since there were no planes, trains and cars, how could one travel? With this reasoning, it is logical to imagine our ancestors as a whole as helpless creatures who cultivated a small field next to their house for the rest of their lives. Also, although there is still a very strong scene of the phenomenon of war in our daily lives, we sometimes fail to liken the same event to then and now. What was going on in a war in the old days? How did a war take place? Who made a war? Who was attacked by a war? Who was involved in a war? Who blamed the consequences of a war?
Music and Historical Sociology
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